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May 21, 2024 | by

If you know me, you know I don’t play about my coins! I work smart and hard for my money, and I’m very intentional about where and how I spend it. If I buy something, it has to be something that I will use, that I can’t make myself and that aligns with my morals. 

I started buying BGLH butters when I was in college, and they were definitely pricier than the shea butter at the beauty supply store. But, to me, it has been more than worth the investment. Here’s why;

1. I can buy in bulk. I only buy the 12 ounce butter. Now I know you might be thinking: Alyssa, that is the most expensive one! Yes, but just trust me! I use BGLH whipped butter twice a day so buying anything smaller than the 12 ounce is just foolish. Also, my entire family uses it (4 people including me) so I have to make sure there is enough for everyone. 

2. A little goes such a long way. The last time I purchased two 12 ounce bottles (I usually purchase two at a time) was in March. It is now May, and we are not even halfway through the bottles. This is because we use the shea butter right after we get out of the shower. When you moisturize while your body is still damp, you don’t have to use as much. Moisturizing with water helps you get more all over your body while using less, plus you lock more moisture into your skin! 

3. I don’t just use BGLH butter as lotion. Because it is clean and non-toxic I can use it in a variety of ways, like as a leave-in conditioner and a chapstick!

4. I’ve seen the largest improvement in my skin since using BGLH whipped butter. Before using the brand, I mostly used shea butter from the beauty supply store. It helped my skin, but it seemed like my skin hit a wall and did not progress from there. Once I started using BGLH whipped butter, my skin improved tremendously and I got constant compliments on my natural glow.

 My theory is that it’s the oils (carrier and essential) that BGLH pairs with the butters that really enhance the overall quality. BGLH whipped butter just hits different!


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