How Mars Is Using Generative AI to Accelerate Product Development and Personalization

June 13, 2024 | by

Mars is using an in-house developed generative AI tool that’s helping develop as many as 50 product concepts a day. 

The proprietary tool, built by the company’s One Demand Data & Analytics team and known internally as “Brahma,” uses data from consumer insights studies the CPG conducted last year involving 80,000 consumers and 100,000 consumption moments across 11 countries. 

A recent workshop in North America using Brahma resulted in product innovation ideas that were shared with consumers at speeds that would have previously taken months, Gulen Bengi, chief growth officer of Mars Snacking, told CGT during a tour of their new R&D facility in Chicago. 

Generative AI is also helping Mars evolve its marketing structure to more effectively connect non-linear consumer journeys. This includes dynamically optimizing media assets and spend to serve shoppers with more relevant advertising. 

Consumers spend on average 6.5 hours online today, and their journeys are very impulse-driven, noted Bengi. Using artificial intelligence, Mars can better understand consumer interest areas at the right moment in time to stitch together relevant advertising.

These efforts have doubled click-through rates and improved sales lifts close to 70% better than promotion, she said.  

“We see this dynamic content optimization as a huge improvement [in] relevance — consumers do expect meaningful and tailored, personalized communication.”


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