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How to Enable and Disable Repair Mode on Pixel Phones: On certain Pixel devices, Google is introducing support for a feature called “Repair Mode,” which stores your data in a secure location in the event that you need to get your screen fixed or undergo other similar repairs. Owners of Google Pixels who need to take their devices in for repair now have the option to protect their data from being snooped on by technicians thanks to a new mode called “repair mode.”

A blog post published this week by the internet giant announced the addition of repair mode to certain Pixel devices. The company described the mode as a straightforward method that can be toggled on and off, with the goal of “protecting privacy and ensuring devices are repaired quickly and efficiently.” The “Repair Mode” feature that was introduced on Google Pixel devices for the first time in September 2023 serves a relatively straightforward purpose.

In the event that a user goes to get their device repaired, they have the option of activating a special mode that will protect their private data without having to completely reset the device. Although this makes it possible for a technician to perform any necessary tests on the device, the data that is stored on board is only accessible to the person who initially owned it. Here are the steps how to Enable and Disable Repair Mode on Pixel Phones.

What is Repair Mode on Pixel Phones?

The Repair Mode is a new feature that was introduced on Google Pixel phones running Android 14 (or later) that helps protect your data and privacy when you need to send your phone for repair. This feature was introduced on devices that were released after December 2023.In order to activate Repair Mode, you need to have at least 2 gigabytes of free storage space on your Pixel device.

This feature is currently exclusive to the Pixel. Additionally, in order for the feature to become available on your Pixel device, you need to have installed the December 2023 feature drop as soon as possible.

How to Enable and Disable Repair Mode on Pixel Phones

Enabling Repair Mode

Disabling Repair Mode

Benefits of Using Repair Mode for Pixel Phones

Security considerations when using Repair Mode


It is standard practice to perform a factory reset on your phone before sending it in for repairs. This not only protects your personal information but also removes any PIN, fingerprint, or other locks that might prevent the technician from booting up the phone and testing it to determine whether or not the repair was successful.

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