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The Samsung Galaxy A31 is a mid-range smartphone that is set to be your next budget companion. It has a vibrant 6.4-inch display with a Full HD+ Super AMOLED. So you can be sure that when you’re capturing those precious moments, they can be seen in their true colours.
Speaking of photos, the Galaxy A31 has a quad-camera setup on the rear. It has a 48 MP primary camera, an ultra-wide 123° lens, a depth sensor, and a 5 MP macro camera. This range of lenses and apertures will be sure to keep your photos as dynamic as you are!
Depending on your region, the specs of the phone will be a little different. You will either have an Exynos or a Qualcomm. Your phone’s RAM will also be different, either 4 or 6 GB. The phone’s overall storage will be different too, either having 64GB or 128 GB of storage, with the option to expand it to 512GB.
The Galaxy A31 offers a long-lasting battery life of 5,000 mHa. So you don’t have to worry about when to hit that charger.
The Samsung Galaxy A31 features a slick minimalist design. It comes in several stunning shades. The colour range is named “Prism Crush” and comes in black, white, blue, and red.


Source: Samsung

Software-wise, the Galaxy A31 runs on Samsung’s One UI software, which is based on the Android operating system. This provides a user-friendly interface with access to a wide range of apps and services from the Google Play Store.
Lastly, the Galaxy A31 supports essential connectivity features such as 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS, enabling users to stay connected, browse the web, and navigate seamlessly.
Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A31 offers a well-rounded package of features. It is a compelling choice for users seeking a reliable and affordable smartphone.

How to remove Bixby

But just because the Samsung A31 offers so many cool features, it doesn’t mean you always want Bixby hanging around. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to remove Bixby from your phone. But there are some ways to make sure it’ll stop bugging you.

Change the Bixby button

You can change the Bixby home button to something that is much more useful, like a power button or launching the camera!

  1. Hold the Bixby button down for a few seconds until you see the customise screen
  2. The menu will look like this:
  3. Side button with an arrow pointing back up top. A slider that says Double Press with the toggle turned on underneath it. Then 3 options of Quick launch camera, Samsung Pay quick access and open app with a cog button

    Source: Samsung

  4. Select your preferred buttons!

Leaving Bixby

You can also choose to leave Bixby, meaning that it will no longer be set up on your phone. This step removes any Bixby data you may have from your phone. It will also require you to have access to your Samsung account.

From your phone

  1. Press and hold the Bixby button
  2. Navigate to the settings menu, this may look like a small gear.
  3. Scroll to the bottom where you will see a button labelled “Leave Bixby”
  4. Tap on this until you see a menu where you will be prompted to say that you’re ok with the deletion of the data.
  5. Press ok to continue when you’re happy with that
  6. You will be prompted to log in to your Samsung account
  7. Press OK to delete your data

From your Samsung Account

If you’re finding navigating to your settings a little difficult on your phone, the process for deleting Bixby data is more streamlined on the Samsung Portal website.

  1. Go to
  2. Press “My Data” found on the top right
  3. Log in with your Samsung Account
  4. Follow the steps on the screen to delete your data.


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