How Toyota’s Beyond Zero Vision Makes It Easy to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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When it comes to reducing carbon emissions, Toyota is committed to the power of personal choice. Their lineup of electrified vehicles offers the widest range of choices, from hybrids to plug-in hybrids to battery-electric vehicles and even fuel-cell EVs. And the brand’s Beyond Zero vision — to reach carbon neutrality with its products, services and operations, and go beyond as it finds new ways to create a better world — extends to every part of the vehicle spectrum, so whether you need a spacious family hauler, a work-ready pickup truck or a stylish and sporty sedan, there’s an electrified Toyota vehicle for you.


Toyota has led the way on electrified automobiles. The 1997 Prius was the world’s first mass-produced hybrid passenger vehicle, combining gasoline and battery power to travel farther on less fuel. With the Prius, Toyota demonstrated that the future of automobiles would be built on hybrid technology. More than 25 years later, Toyota is still the leader in hybrid vehicles that reduce emissions and fuel costs, without any need to worry about how far you can drive.

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But it didn’t stop with hybrids. Since the early 1990s, Toyota has been the leading innovator in fuel-cell vehicles. In 2014, Toyota introduced the Mirai — the world’s first car designed specifically to use fuel-cell technology. Available only in California, this fuel-cell EV generates electricity by combining hydrogen with oxygen from the outside air, and emits nothing but water vapor, resulting in the best of both worlds: an electric-powered vehicle that you never need to plug in. And as hydrogen fuel stations continue to proliferate around the country, filling the tank on one will be as convenient and quick as stopping at a traditional gas station — in and out in five minutes.

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Hybrid EV

Electrified driving without plugging in. A hybrid intelligently blends electric and gasoline power to find the most efficient way to drive. More power, less fuel.

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Plug-In Hybrid EV

Charge up the battery for zero-emissions all-electric driving. Fill the gas tank for convenient efficiency. Or do both—the choice is yours with a plug-in hybrid.

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Battery EV

True gasoline-free driving. Charge the battery at home or at a charging station and enjoy zero tailpipe emissions with the comfort of quiet electric power.


Fuel Cell EV

All-electric driving with no waiting to charge. Fill up in five minutes at a hydrogen refueling station. The car generates its own electricity and emits only water.

And when it comes to battery-electric vehicles, Toyota engineers have been perfecting the technology for decades. The EVs available today drive farther and recharge faster than ever before. As more and more new charging locations appear across the country, more and more drivers can make the switch to battery-electric cars.

Picking a cleaner, greener vehicle doesn’t have to come with compromise. Toyota has spent decades researching and engineering solutions for greater efficiency and reduced emissions — and that means plenty of electrified choices for every lifestyle.

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Toyota’s low-emissions, high-efficiency lineup demonstrates that “electrified” means more than merely “plug-ified” — there’s a whole series of options and variables to consider when choosing which type of EV is right for you. And the company’s robust collection means that whether you’re ready for a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel-cell or battery-electric vehicle, there’s an electrified Toyota vehicle for you today.

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The hybrid that started it all, now in its fifth generation. Efficiency, excitement and convenience, all in one stylish package.

  • Up to 57 mpg, with no charging
  • The confidence of available all-wheel-drive
  • Sporty driving: 0–60 in 7.2 seconds
  • Toyota dependability and comfort
toyota rav4 prime beyond zero lineup

Toyota RAV4 Prime

Plug-in capability plus efficiency means zero-emissions driving without compromise, plus gasoline power when you need it.

  • Up to 42 miles of pure EV driving
  • Exhilarating performance: 0–60 in 5.7 seconds
  • RAV4 efficiency, with or without charging
toyota bz4x beyond zero lineup

Toyota bZ4X

The first zero-emission all-electric crossover SUV with everything you love about a Toyota. Plug in, charge up and go.

  • Up to 252 miles of driving range
  • Spacious comfort for the whole family
  • 8.1-inch ground clearance for rough roads
  • Charge up in 30 minutes with DC fast charging
toyota mirai beyond zero lineup

Toyota Mirai

Pure electric driving without any waiting: Fill up at a hydrogen refueling station (where available) and get going in under five minutes.

  • Up to 402 miles of driving range
  • Rear-wheel-drive sporty dynamics
  • Near-silent electric power on demand
  • Zero carbon emissions, only water vapor

A Toyota hybrid gives you all the ease of a regular gas-powered car — with better fuel efficiency and fewer carbon emissions. Driving one, such as the stylish Prius, is as easy as with any other car: Just get in and go. The new Prius has 194 horsepower and sports-car 0-to-60 acceleration in just over seven seconds. Sure-footed handling helps you carve the corners of your favorite twisty road, and available all-wheel-drive gives you confidence no matter the weather. Inside the fourth-generation Prius, Toyota’s latest Hybrid Synergy Drive system seamlessly adapts to the way you drive, blending a battery-powered electric motor and a 2.0-liter gasoline engine for up to 57 mpg. And when it’s time to refuel, the Prius again works exactly like any other car: You just go to your regular gas station and fill up the tank. It’s the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint without changing how you drive.

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Toyota’s Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) give you even more efficiency. The RAV4 Prime, for example, takes everything great about the RAV4 and adds plug-in capability. Charge its battery up at home or on the go, and you’ll get up to 42 miles of zero-emissions all-electric driving. When the battery gets low, your Toyota PHEV automatically switches to gasoline power, intelligently optimizing for the best driving range. The RAV4 Prime leaves the choice up to you: Plug in for pure electric power, fill up the gas tank for go-anywhere convenience or do both—with a plug-in hybrid, the choice is always yours.

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If you’re ready to embrace all-electric driving, Toyota’s battery-electric vehicle (BEV) offers pure zero-emission mobility at all times. With the bZ4X, you get the ease and convenience of a family crossover SUV with the guilt-free driving of an all-electric vehicle. If you have access to an AC Level 2 home charger, you can plug it in overnight for an estimated driving range of up to 252 miles. And with its DC fast charging, you can also plug into any high-speed EV charging station and go from a low battery to 80 percent in as little as 30 minutes. With bZ4X, you get the quiet, smooth, effortless power of a BEV with the style, comfort, safety and dependability you’ve come to expect from Toyota.

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If you have hydrogen refueling available near you, the Toyota Mirai gives you the striking styling and athletic performance of a rear-wheel-drive sport sedan with the clean, convenient power of a fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV). With Mirai, you never have to plug in: The car uses clean hydrogen power to generate its own electricity. Filling up an FCEV is as easy and convenient as filling up your hydrogen tank: Just pump and go, and you’ll get up to 402 miles of driving range. But unlike a gas-powered car, the Mirai doesn’t emit any carbon while you’re driving—the only thing that comes out of the tailpipe is water vapor.

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Toyota knows that innovation never sleeps. That’s why Toyota scientists have never stopped improving. Today’s Prius harnesses a quarter-century of advances in hybrid-vehicle technology, and that’s just the beginning. Every day, around the world, Toyota engineers and designers are working to bring forth the next generation of efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles. Right now, Toyota laboratories are working on battery technology that will make tomorrow’s electric cars recharge as quickly as you can fill up your gas tank. They’re working on future energy technology to take you even farther than you can go today, all while ensuring a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

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You can find intelligent, efficient engineering everywhere in Toyota’s electrified lineup, from the family-friendly Sienna hybrid minivan to the tough Tundra iForce Max full-size pickup truck and the adventure-ready Sequoia hybrid three-row SUV. You can even find electrified technology in Toyota vehicles you already know and love, like Camry, Corolla, Highlander, and RAV4. The 2024 Toyota lineup gives you more ways to electrify your drive without having to compromise your lifestyle. And when you buy an electrified Toyota, you’re also supporting a commitment to protecting the environment by decreasing plastic waste and supporting water conservation.

No matter where you live or what kind of driving you do, there’s an electrified Toyota that can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Discover a world of electrified, diversified.

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