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April 1, 2024 | by magnews24.com

Fixed-term deposits are still one of the most attractive alternatives in our country to optimize the profitability of the savings of many Peruvians. Unlike other instruments in the financial system, one of its main advantages is its security and stability because the interest rate is agreed upon from the beginning and remains fixed throughout the term.

In addition, the time deposits held by people in banks, financial institutions, municipal and rural savings and credit banks are protected by the Deposit Insurance Fund through a coverage amount of S/122,420 for the period March 2024-May. 2024. With the approval of the AFP withdrawal opinion of 4 UITs in the Congressional Economic Commission, thousands of affiliates are waiting to make this disbursement and invest it. If you want to know which entities offer the best rates to obtain profits, read the following note.

Fixed-term deposit: how much can I earn if I leave S/20,600 in banks and savings banks?

For Arturo García, professor of Finance at ESAN Graduate School of Business, fixed-term deposits are still the flagship product of the financial system, since they ensure greater profits than normal savings accounts. “With regard to fixed-term deposits, interest rates have been gradually reduced. However, they are above inflation and range between 3.4% and 6.5% on average, which in dollars is equivalent to 2.3% and 3.2% annually”held.

To have a general mapping of the profits that citizens interested in optimizing the profitability of their funds could achieve, we reviewed the Comparabien portal based on a calculation that is made by fixed-term deposits of S/24,600 for a period of 180 days, taking into account the recent approval of the opinion of withdrawal of up to 4 UITs from the AFP in the Economy Commission that could be validated in the next Plenary Session of Congress.

In that sense, Alfin Nuestro Banco is the entity that offers its clients a profit of S/758.53, since its interest rate of 7.50%, is the highest compared to other financial institutions. It is followed by Caja Los Andes, Efectiva: Tu Financiera, Compartamos Financiera and Caja Municipal Ica, which obtain a return of S/736.44; S/726.79; S/688.16 and S/649.46; respectively.

As for banks, the financial institution that pays the best until March of this year is BAnco de Comercio, with an effective annual rate of return of 6% and a profit of S/591.26. Next, BBVA (S/542.64), Interbank (S/474.37), Banco GNB (S/322.4), among others, appear on the list.

If you are interested in knowing all the details about the TREA and the profits you obtain in banks, savings banks and financial institutions in fixed-term deposits for S/20,600 for 180 days, write down the following data:

Financial entity TREA Revenue
Alfin Our Bank 7.50% S/758.53
Los Andes Box 7.50% S/736.44
Effective Your Financial 7.40% S/726.79
Let’s Share Financial DPF Campaign 7.70% S/688.16
Ica Municipal Fund 6.60% S/649.46
Financial Oh! 6.50% S/639.77
Financiera Credinka – Fixed term deposit campaign 6.20% S/610.68
Commerce Bank 6% S/591.26
BBVA – Digital term deposit in soles 5.50% S/542.64
Metropolitan Fund 5% S/493.9
Interbank 4.80% S/474.37
Qapaq 4.50% S/445.05
Box Center We Grow Together 4.35% S/430.37
Sullana Box 4.20% S/415.68
GNB Bank 3.25% S/322.4
BBVA – Term deposit in office soles 3.20% S/317.48
Financiera Credinka – Fixed term deposit 3.20% S/317.48
Trujillo Box 3.10% S/307.63
Huancayo Box 2.60% S/258.33
Ripley Bank 2.50% S/248.46
Caja Arequipa – Fixed term deposit 2.50% S/248.46
Financial Trust 2.50% S/248.46
Crediscotia 2.40% S/238.58
Santa Box 2.20% S/218.8
Cusco Box 2.10% S/208.91
Tacna Box 2.10% S/208.91
Piura Box 2% S/199.01
Scotiabank 1.45% S/144.48
Pichincha Bank 1.25% S/124.61
Banbif 1.25% S/124.61
My bank 0.95% S/94.78
Falabella Bank 0.50% S/49.94

What are the best options to invest your savings?

After the approval of the opinion that authorizes a new AFP withdrawal of up to 4 UIT (S/20,600) in the Congressional Economy Commission, many citizens are waiting with anticipation for the possibility of accessing this money used for pension purposes. However, economist Arturo García recommends not releasing these funds because it would put the future pensions of members of the Private Pension System at risk.

Despite the decision adopted by Parliament, it advises that people invest their money through fixed-term deposits in banks, financial institutions or municipal savings banks, since they are protected by the Deposit Insurance Fund, which has an amount coverage for up to S/122,420 for the period March 2024-May 2024. Likewise, it suggests taking the following into account:

  • Diversify your money saved in soles and dollars as a risk reduction factor.
  • Alternate the deadlines depending on your needs.
  • Diversify the financial entities that are close to the limit of the Deposit Insurance Fund.

What entities are covered by the Deposit Insurance Fund?


  • BCP
  • BBVA
  • Scotiabank
  • Interbank
  • Falabella
  • Ripley
  • My bank
  • BanBif
  • Pichincha
  • GNB
  • Bancom
  • Finally
  • Citibank
  • Santander
  • ICBC
  • Bank of China


  • Crediscotia
  • let’s share
  • Trust
  • Oh!
  • Effective
  • Credinka
  • Proempresa
  • Qapaq

Municipal Funds

  • Arequipa
  • Piura
  • Huancayo
  • Cusco
  • Sullana
  • Trujillo
  • Ica
  • Tacna
  • Maynas
  • Lime
  • Santa’s
  • Paita

Rural Savings Banks

  • Cencosud Scotia
  • The Andes
  • Prymera
  • From the center
  • Incasur


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