Inside Schneider Electric’s Ambitious Plans for the Middle East

February 5, 2024 | by

How Schneider Electric Helps McDonald’s Make Happier Meals

Theory and talk is all well and good, but when the chips are down (or fries in this case) how does Schneider Electric deliver on its energy dreams?

In the UAE, Schneider Electric is helping the fast food giant McDonald’s to decarbonise its flagship restaurant of the future with energy saving technologies. This is being rolled out across five existing outlets and 10 new branches set to open across the country.

The pioneering branch in Umm Suqeim2, Dubai, has EV charging points, a smart grid to optimise energy consumption, and a building management system. All of these help the burger giant save up to 20% of its energy usage, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 30% by harnessing renewable energy.

Producing Hardware for Sustainability Switch in Saudi Arabia

In July 2023, Schneider Electric opened a new production line in Riyadh to manufacture hardware to contribute to Saudi Arabia’s energy and sustainability goals.

The production line will support the Vision 2030 aim of positioning the Kingdom as a global manufacturing hub, increasing opportunities to export energy management solutions to regional and global markets.

In February 2024, the country’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) announced the launch of Alat – a world-class manufacturing hub to empower global companies to set up sustainable manufacturing solutions in Saudi Arabia, powered by clean energy and supported by the Kingdom’s commitment to invested in technology.

Strategic business sectors include semiconductors, smart devices, smart building, smart appliances, smart health, advanced industrials and next-generation infrastructure.

Expect Schneider Electric to be a significant part of that brighter future in the region.


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