It is worth saying that I advise you to agree with the regime in the CEO definition process

March 12, 2024 | by

Vale informed on this third day (12) that he received from his president of the administrative council a statement that alleges that the attitude of the collegiate body is in accordance with the statute, internal regulations and corporate policies.

A statement later saw news that revealed the content of the resignation letter of former councilor José Luciano Duarte Penido, which stated that the succession process of the executive president, Eduardo Bartolomeo, in the mining company was conducted in a manipulated manner and had political influence.

“The Vale Administration Council clarifies, not only does it relate to the definition process of the company’s president, but that its position is rigorously in accordance with Vale’s social statute, the internal regime of the corporate body and policies,” the document states to the Commission. of Mobile Securities (CVM).

“The Administrative Council will continue to perform as planned in the Vale governance processes and execute its mission diligently.”

Source: CNN Espanol


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