JAMES GOLDSTEIN Is The Star of DSCENE Magazine #020

May 19, 2024 | by magnews24.com

In our latest Design Issue titled “Line, Form, Space,” DSCENE Magazine explores the world of architectural innovation and modernist visions with an exclusive feature on James Goldstein. Perched atop a canyon in Beverly Hills, the Sheats-Goldstein Residence exemplifies the intricate identity of its owner and the creative genius of architect John Lautner. This landmark, renowned for its appearances in iconic films and music videos, seamlessly blends the natural and built environments, reflecting the pioneering spirit of Los Angeles’ modernist movement.


Photographed by Damien Fry, with assistance from Taylor Thomas-Galloway, and video production by Kevin Roldan, this cover story captures the essence of a space that is both solid and ethereal. Under the production of Katarina Doric and Vuk Cuk, and through an insightful interview, we explore the unique architectural elements that make the Sheats-Goldstein Residence a cultural icon.


During our day spent at this extraordinary residence, James Goldstein shared his daily routines and the ongoing enhancements that maintain the house’s avant-garde essence. As he recounted in our interview, “Let’s take a typical sunny day like today. I start by lounging in my glass-enclosed bedroom, where I can gaze out at the cityscape stretching from downtown to the ocean… In the afternoon, I enjoy reading magazines, soaking up the sun, and perhaps taking a swim if it’s warm enough.”

Photography Damien Fry for DSCENE

Goldstein’s journey with the house began in 1972 when he saw the potential beneath its dilapidated state. Displeased with its original cramped feel and mundane materials, he enlisted Lautner to transform the space into a seamless fusion of art and architecture. “We started my first project almost 50 years ago. I have never stopped since then,” Goldstein reveals.

The interview uncovers the collaborative relationship between Goldstein and Lautner, as they redefined the residence with frameless glass windows, concrete floors, wood ceilings, and built-in leather furniture. This evolution is epitomized by installations like James Turrell‘s “Above Horizon,” which further enriches the visual and experiential harmony of the home.


As Goldstein looks to the future, he hopes the residence, soon to be part of LACMA’s collection, will inspire future generations. “I want people in Los Angeles to appreciate and understand good modern architecture. Hopefully, this will motivate them to construct more modern architecture in the future and inspire them to innovate,” he shares.

Join us as we explore the layers of design and personal history that make the Sheats-Goldstein Residence a masterpiece of modern architecture, and discover how this unique space continues to shape the cultural landscape of Los Angeles.

Talent James Goldstein – @jamesfgoldstein
Photographer Damien Fry – @damien_fryz
Photographer Assistant Taylor Thomas-Galloway – @taylortgalloway
Video Kevin Roldan – @kevinroldan
Production Katarina Doric and Vuk Cuk – @katarina.djoric @vukcar
Interview Katarina Doric


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