KRK launches ROKIT Generation Five Studio Monitors

March 27, 2024 | by

Gibson has introduced the newest addition to KRK’s range of professional audio solutions. Offered in 5, 7, and 8-inch, the ROKIT Generation Five advanced, active, two-way studio reference monitors feature 3 new voicing modes (Mix, Focus, and Create), an enhanced tweeter design with a highly damped silk dome diaphragm, and a refreshed LCD.

“Featuring KRK’s world-renowned sound along with new technology and tuning parameters to truly dial-in the listening experience, the KRK ROKIT Generation Five is a must-have studio solution for the most demanding creators,” says Sterling Doak, Senior Director of Marketing at Gibson.

“KRK engineers continually pull from the brand’s legacy of trust and performance to refine its studio monitors—blending cutting-edge technology with the time-tested principles of audio engineering. The same holds true for this latest development. As the most advanced monitor in its class, the KRK ROKIT Generation Five is powerful enough to handle the rigors of professional use, but basic enough for emerging producers, engineers, and artists.”

The ROKIT Generation Five line is available through select KRK dealers and online at the KRK store.

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