Lacoste Turkey taps GardeRobo AI online fashion personalisation tech to boost shopping experience — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

May 22, 2024 | by

Lacoste Turkey, under the umbrella of Eren Group, has announced a partnership with GardeRobo AI, a fashion e-commerce personalisation platform.

The aim here is to provide online shoppers with engaging outfit recommendations based on their style preferences and website interactions, while also boosting the brand’s average order value and units per transaction rates.

A pilot will be launched on Lacoste Turkey’s website, with plans for global expansion in the future.

Lacoste’s digital merchandising team previously spent significant time manually updating e-commerce product recommendations. With GardeRobo’s AI powered tool, they’ve been able to automate this process, saving up to 98% of their time.

This allows them to focus on higher value tasks such as branding and content strategy. GardeRobo’s Total Look widget offers outfit recommendations in collages or carousels, featuring both flat and on-model photos.

The customisable recommendation collages enable shoppers to easily swap out items.


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