Lagardère Travel Retail deepens sustainability commitment with projects in Southeast Asia

May 9, 2024 | by

Corporate responsibility in action: The Lagardère Travel Retail Singapore team participated in a clean-up activity to deepen their commitment to the environment

SINGAPORE/INDONESIA. Lagardère Travel Retail employees came together for a series of environmental initiatives in April, including a clean-up drive in Singapore and tree-planting in Bintan, Indonesia.

These programmes are in line with the travel retailer’s commitment to safeguarding natural resources while fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within its organisation and beyond.

In Singapore, the team joined the third round of the Kallang Riverside Park Waterways clean-up effort to preserve and protect Singapore’s waters and natural environment.

Through this project, the team managed to collect a significant amount of discarded waste, which was then channelled through waste-to-energy incineration plants to transform into renewable energy.

The team’s efforts have contributed to the company’s sustainable water and environmental goals, and highlighted the importance of waste-management practices.

The tree-planting programme is one of many activities that the travel retailer has organised to promote its sustainability ethos within its organisation

In Bintan, Indonesia, the Lagardère Travel Retail management team gathered for a tree-planting activity, supporting the company’s goals of reducing greenhouse gases through carbon sequestration

The trees will represent its dedication to protect the environment and its unity and resilience as a team, Lagardère Travel Retail noted.

To further promote inclusivity and cultural heritage, the travel retailer also hosted a batik-making session with local art school Cahaya Lentera Difa for children with diverse abilities. ✈


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