Linux 6.9 Released With Faster Intel Core Ultra Performance, Larger Console Fonts Option

May 12, 2024 | by


Linux 6.9 is out! Linux 6.9 has been released on time as the newest stable kernel version for rolling-release Linux distributions and other summer releases/updates. Linux 6.9 has a number of exciting features and improvements for those habitually updating to the newest version.

Linux 6.9 brings improved performance for Intel Core Ultra “Meteor Lake”, some AMD performance gains, AMD P-State Preferred Core has been merged finally for AMD Ryzen Linux users, Intel FRED was merged as an important update for future generation Intel CPUs, there is now support for larger frame-buffer console fonts on modern/4K+ displays, continued preparations for AMD RDNA3+ / RDNA4 GPUs, the DM Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) was finally mainlined, and much more. See the Linux 6.9 feature overview for a look at all the exciting changes.

Linux 6.9 Git

Linux 6.9 is now available on

Now onward to the Linux 6.10 cycle, which has many new features expected.

Update: Linus Torvalds is out now with his usual v6.9 release announcement as well for those interested in his commentary.


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