Lockheed Skunk Works Opens Advanced Digital Engineering Facility in California – ExecutiveBiz

May 18, 2024 | by magnews24.com

A digital transformation team within Lockheed Martin Skunk Works has established an advanced visualization engineering facility in Palmdale, California, to provide a virtual environment for advancing engineering development.

The Virtual Prototyping team’s new Virtual Engineering Environment features computer-aided software and tools, including a large format PowerWall display system, to enable engineers to design, manufacture and test systems and processes virtually, Lockheed said Thursday.

VEE supports digitally enabled techniques such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality; modeling and simulation; interactive digital twins; motion capture; and real-time photo-realistic rendering.

“These digital and virtual technologies – all part of our 1LMX transformation – empower and equip our teams to make informed decisions that decrease cost, support delivery schedules and mitigate risk while improving quality,” said Marc O’Brien, senior manager of the Virtual Prototyping group.

1LMX refers to Lockheed’s digital transformation initiative, which aims to enable automation, robotics, and factory simulations to increase production capacity while maintaining operational efficiency.


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