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In this tutorial, we’re excited to guide you through the use of the AI tool LookX, which enables the quick creation of realistic renders directly from your 3D models. We’ll begin by demonstrating how to produce decent, realistic renders from simple geometric shapes from the Rhino viewport, using the Walter Towers model we made in an earlier tutorial as our primary example. By selecting the “accurate” render setting, we ensure that the final output closely mirrors the geometry seen in our Rhino viewport.

Next, we’re going to explore how to create renders that show the steps of your design process, which we call process diagram renders. In this part, we’ll show you each step of how a design develops, based on a Grasshopper script that you can find on our Patreon page. We’ll bring all these steps together in a video, telling the story of how our design grew from the first ideas to the final design.

For those looking to explore the bounds of creativity, we’ll introduce the “Creative” render mode in our third example. Here, we’ll transform a SubD shape into a source of inspiration, allowing the AI to generate various forms based on the original design. We’ll also teach you how to make these AI images look even better with the “Upscale” feature. On top of that, we will produce a short video using the innovative “Image to Video” feature, offering a new dimension to your architectural presentations.

Finally, when you have detailed models and need a quick way to make them look good, we suggest using the “Detailed” Render Mode. We’ll show you how to use this method with the Emporium Towers model we worked on before, focusing on a specific detail for a close-up view. And for those last little tweaks, the “Edit” mode is perfect. It lets you pick certain parts of your image and regenerate them by using a text prompt, giving you a result that’s exactly what you need.


00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Installation
02:19 – Conceptual Massing (Accurate)
08:11 – Process Diagram Renders
12:40 – Conceptual Massing (Customize)
14:29 – Conceptual Massing (Creative)
21:52 – Upscale Image
25:09 – Image to Video
25:41 – Detailed Model
28:50 – Edit AI Render
32:22 – Subscription
32:22 – Support Us


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