Matt Parton, product development manager with ESP and Sangamo, looks at the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to the Sangamo timers and heating controls helpline.

May 25, 2024 | by

From the original Round Pattern Time Switch first manufactured in the 1950’s, through to the Choice Plus range of thermostats, controls and programmers, and Bluetooth-compatible timers for the DIN Rail Time Switch collection, installers have an extensive range of solutions to call upon to suit their customers’ domestic heating requirements.  

The dedicated Sangamo technical helpline provides installers with the facility to access valuable advice and information across the product range. As the frequently asked questions outlined below testify, the Round Pattern Time Switches remain a popular choice with installers, with thousands of units still sold each year, both as replacements and as brand new installations.

Q1: Are there any thermostats with volt free contacts that can be used for cooling applications such as a fan or air conditioning?

A: The Choice RSTAT 1 room thermostat has volt free contacts and can be used for heating or cooling applications as it has NO and NC contacts

Q2: What is the “zone” referring to on round pattern time switches?

A: It refers to the geographical location where an Astro or Suntracker (also known as a Solar Dial) is to be installed. As the sunrise and sunset times differ depending on geographical location, the correct zone model must be purchased for sunrise and sunset switching times to be accurate. Digital time switches can take into account these differences and can be used anywhere, but mechanical time switches can only be used in a set area. The UK is split horizontally into 4 different zones.

Q3: Can round pattern time switches be removed from their base and replaced with another version of a Sangamo round pattern timer switch?  

A: Yes, this will allow you to change the timer without needing to rewire it. Round pattern timers come in 3 pin or 4 pin variants – this relates to the number of terminals, so be sure to replace with a timer with the same number of pins.

Q4: What’s the difference between a regular time switch and a Suntracker/astro?

A: Regular time switches will switch at set programmed times to switch on or off. Astro/Suntracker timers will switch at sunrise and sunset times and will automatically adjust as they change through the year. Additional set on/off programs can also be programmed.

Q5: What do all the product codes mean in your round pattern time switches?

A: The round pattern time switches (RPTS) have a variety of different variations which are all able to achieve different tasks. Things such as different amounts of on/off times and how many pins the switch has can all affect the product codes. If you need assistance choosing the correct RPTS for you, you can speak to our customer service or technical teams and they will be happy to assist.

Q6: Can the Powersaver/Powersaver Plus range of products be used as regular time switches?

A: Powersaver timers can be used to switch a wide range of mains powered devices in accordance with the product’s technical specification.

Q: What product would you recommend if I have an economy tariff on my boiler?

A: The Powersaver Dual Flexi 2 is designed for Economy 7, Economy 10 and Economy 20/20 tariffs, but can be used on flat rate tariffs as well.


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