McCormick To Accelerate Digital Transformation With AI-Managed IT Infrastructure

April 2, 2024 | by

McCormick & Company will speed up its digital transformation efforts by tapping into AI-powered automation to help manage the enterprise’s global tech infrastructure. 

Through a partnership with Cognizant, McCormick expects to see increased full-stack visibility and stability, an optimized IT landscape, and accelerated processes — all within a scalable format that improves the user experience. 

The implementation is also anticipated to add  self-service capabilities, improving productivity and resulting in lower operational costs. Over the next five years, the investment will impact the company’s footprint of 150 countries and territories across 80 global sites and 13,000 employees.

Sarah Aronovici, McCormick’s VP of IT service and solution delivery, said the initiative will accelerate the company’s global transformation of its core technology infrastructure. 

During the company’s latest earnings report, CEO and president Brendan M. Foley said the company would prioritize investments in key categories, focusing on growth levels which include brand marketing, new products and packaging, category management, and proprietary technology. 

Optimizing IT Infrastructures

We’ll tackle optimizing infrastructures for analytics at our upcoming Analytics Unite event, this May 1-3. 

Without analytics, retailers and CPGs would be flying blind. But how do large companies optimize tech infrastructures to gather and unify analytics, turning them into actionable decisions that can be implemented across companies for myriad benefits? Whether talking automation, fulfillment, or point of sale, getting digital transformation right is hard. Hear from a panel of experts on optimizing your infrastructures to succeed today and into the future.

On the stage:

  • Paul Bucalo, Senior Director of Digital Marketing Engineering, Dollar General
  • Bhaumik Sharma, CDTO North America, Haleon
  • Greg Pederson, Director of Data & Analytics, Food & Beverage, Target Corporation
  • Murali Sundararajan, Chief Information Officer, Victoria’s Secret & Co.
  • Andy Walter, Board Director & Strategic Advisor, CIO (retired), Procter & Gamble


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