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February 4, 2024 | by

Muscat: The highly-anticipated MG Cyberster has made its first appearance in Oman as it passes through the country on a unique global and transcontinental driving tour marking the British-born brand’s 100-year anniversary known as: Centenary of Passion. 

The presence of the Cyberster in the country signifies the importance of the Sultanate to MG and its global vision. The Cyberster, which started its global tour in London in September, with Shanghai being its ultimate destination, is a ground-breaking 2-door electric roadster that pays respect to the brand’s heritage, and in particular its renowned MGB model. 

Visiting Oman for a total of three days, the Cyberster’s itinerary is encompassing captivating stopovers such as Muscat, Nizwa, and Sur. The Turner twins, Ross and Hugo, who are professional adventurers from Great Britain with an inspirational story to tell, are behind the wheel of the Cyberster, exploring the local landmarks while engaging with local communities and automotive enthusiasts.

Ross Turner said: “When Hugo was 17, he sustained a broken neck and after six months of surgery, that kind of spurred us on to travel the world and was the start of our first big adventure back in 2011 when we rowed the Atlantic.” The twins’ mission is to help people learn about our world through new technology and purposeful expeditions. Having rowed across the Atlantic Ocean and traversed Greenland’s Ice Cap, they were looking for their next major adventure when the opportunity to tackle this 10,000-mile journey in MG’s fully electric 2-door sports car came up.

Mohsin Hani Al Bahrani, CEO of MHD ACERE, remarked, “With its futuristic design, MG Cyberster is not just an electric sports car; it’s a testament to MG’s commitment to pushing boundaries and electrifying the thrill of the open road.” He further stated, “As we unveil this masterpiece in the breath-taking landscapes of Oman, MG Cyberster paves way to a future where power meets elegance and leading the way in the future of electric mobility”

Managing Director of MG Motor Middle East Tom Lee, said: “The MG Cyberster embodies the revival of our beloved and timeless 2-door sports sedan, paying respect to the iconic MGB. This modern reinterpretation, now powered by an all-electric battery, redefines the essence of innovation and heritage in automotive design. As it journeys through various landscapes, this activation echoes MG’s commitment to pioneering the future of electric mobility.”

The MG Cyberster, the brand’s flagship 2-door fully electric sports car, represents an exquisite combination of futuristic design, exhilarating performance and MG’s dedication to sustainable mobility solutions. Using MG’s classic MGB as inspiration, The MG Cyberster’s captivating aesthetics – envisioned by a joint collaboration between the company’s London-based design team and factory in Shanghai – include a distinctive low nose and curvaceous rear haunches, as well as striking scissor doors and a Kammback tail. 

This modern, all-electric reinterpretation of MG’s classic 2-seater sports cars showcases MG’s commitment to pioneering the future of electric mobility. In terms of power and performance, MG Cyberster is available in a single-motor model with 64 kWh battery capacity and a dual-motor model with the battery capacity of 77 kWh. The most powerful variant can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h within 3.2 seconds. With the MG Cyberster leading the charge, the brand envisions the cultivation of a global community, a world where electrifying technology converges with environmental responsibility.


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