MG Just Unveiled The World’s Slipperiest Electric Car

May 1, 2024 | by

With the EXE181 hypercar concept, MG Motor is taking a bold stand. This futuristic electric beast carries on the brand’s reputation of setting land speed records while going beyond the bounds of conventional sports vehicles.

The legendary UFO-shaped EX181 racer from the 1950s served as an inspiration for the EXE181, which skillfully combines cutting-edge technology with the spirit of a record-breaker. This combination is embodied in its sleek, extended design, which has an incredible low drag coefficient of 0.81, outperforming even the most aerodynamic production cars, such as the Volkswagen XL1 and McLaren Speedtail.

As much as technical details are hidden in a black box of trade secrets, MG drops subtle hints about a colossal 1,000 horsepower that might be lying beneath the hood of EXE181. An all-electric juggernaut, this machine pledges to complete the 0-62 mph dash in an eye-watering 1.9 seconds— which could very well place it at the summit as the world’s unrivaled fastest car off the line. While information on its maximum speed is still playing hide-and-seek, outperforming the previous model’s record top speed of 254.91 mph appears inevitable.

Every single aspect of the EXE181’s cockpit design screams performance-oriented. With a steering wheel crafted in a yoke-style and a primary display placed at the center, this car promises an immersive driving experience— one that takes you back to visions of piloting a futuristic spaceship through high-tech controls present in a state-of-the-art cockpit.

Although a production model isn’t coming soon, the EXE181 is set to be first unveiled at the 2024 Beijing Motor Show as a prototype. This step is significant for MG as it shows their aim high in the field of automotive design which could lead them to rewrite, if not to change totally, the land speed record books with pioneering performance.

The EXE181 isn’t just a hypercar; it’s a testament to MG’s reinvention. It’s a statement that the British marque, now under the Shanghai-based SAIC Motor, is ready to compete with the world’s most innovative electric hypercar manufacturers, leaving behind its past as a solely sports car brand and embracing a future fueled by both heritage and cutting-edge technology.


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