Microsoft Edge is getting smarter with new AI tools – Phandroid

March 21, 2024 | by

Browsers used to be relatively simple pieces of software and a way for users to access the web. But we’ve come a long way since those days. Now thanks to the introduction of AI, browsers are becoming increasingly powerful tools, which is what Microsoft is going for in an upcoming update to its Edge browser.

According to a report from Windows Latest, it appears that Microsoft is working on a couple of new AI features for its Edge browser. This includes a new Designer tool and the integration of Copilot Notebook.

The Designer tool is actually pretty cool. It’s basically an AI-powered expansion of the Edge image editing tool. Users will be able to use it to generate images as well as make edits on images in a more advanced manner, such as removing backgrounds. This can be useful if you’re trying to save photos and images off the web and want to get all the editing out of the way.

The update also introduces Copilot Notebook integration into the browser. Copilot Notebook is already available in web form, but integration into Edge will give users more flexibility. For starters, the prompt character limit has been increased from 4,000 to 18,000. This means that you can use the tool to analyze longer pieces of text.

At the moment, these changes are only in the Canary build of Chrome. This means that it isn’t live yet for users who are using the public release. We’re not sure when the update will be released, but it is something to look forward to.


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