Minesto’s first megawatt-scale tidal kite powerplant begins production

February 11, 2024 | by magnews24.com

The Dragon 12 is Minesto's first tidal energy kite in megawatt-scale.
The Dragon 12 is Minesto’s first tidal energy kite in megawatt-scale.


Renewable energy firm Minesto’s first megawatt-scale tidal powerplant, Dragon 12, rated at 1.2 MW, successfully delivered its first electricity to the national grid of the Faroe Islands following a seamless commissioning process on February 12. 

In January, the Saab spinoff firm announced the readiness of the Dragon 12’s Launch & Recovery method (LARS) for actual operation, marking a pivotal milestone for the company and its Dragon tidal kite technology.

The Sweden-based company aims to provide ocean-based power generation solutions that deliver clean, dependable, and predictable electricity to customers at competitive prices.

“What the Minesto team has achieved today is extraordinary and set a new agenda for renewable energy build-out in many areas of the world. The competitiveness of the Dragon 12 is straight to the point; it’s powerful, cost-effective, and feeds predictable electricity to the grid,” said Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto, in a statement


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