More Than 120 iOS 18 Features & Changes Detailed (Video)

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Apple’s iOS 18 is set to transform the user experience with an impressive array of new features and improvements. This update focuses on enhancing customization, accessibility, and functionality across the operating system. From the lock screen to native applications, iOS 18 brings significant changes that will elevate the way you interact with your device. The video below from Brandon Butch walks us through more than 120 changes and features coming to the iPhone in this update.

Personalization at Your Fingertips

One of the most notable changes in iOS 18 is the increased emphasis on personalization. The lock screen now features a new color gradient for the clock picker, customizable buttons, and dark mode wallpapers, allowing you to tailor your device to your unique style. The home screen also receives a major upgrade, with a dark theme for icons, customizable icon colors and sizes, and flexible icon placement within a grid. These enhancements provide a more visually appealing and functional experience.

The control center has been redesigned to be more user-friendly, with customizable toggles, resizable controls, and the ability to add third-party actions. This ensures quick access to your most-used features, making navigation seamless and efficient.

Accessibility for All

iOS 18 introduces several new accessibility features that cater to a wide range of users:

  • Music haptics allow you to feel the beats of your music
  • Eye tracking enables you to control your iPhone with your eyes
  • Motion cues help reduce motion sickness
  • Vocal shortcuts and sound actions provide alternative ways to interact with your device

These features demonstrate Apple’s commitment to making their devices accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Enhanced Communication and Browsing

The Messages app receives a significant boost with redesigned tapback reactions, text effects for individual words, and the ability to schedule messages up to two weeks in advance. SMS via satellite and upcoming RCS support ensure you stay connected, even in remote areas. The phone application now includes T9 dialing, making it easier to search for contacts and dial numbers quickly.

Safari introduces a new reader mode and highlights feature, allowing you to access information more efficiently and enhance your browsing experience.

Improved Media Management

iOS 18 brings improvements to the music application, with better queue management, new shuffle/repeat icons, and a clear queue option. These updates make it easier to manage your playlists and enjoy your music. AirPods now support Siri interactions with head gestures and improved voice isolation, enhancing your listening experience and making it easier to control your device hands-free.

The photos application undergoes a complete UI overhaul, with new search functionality, pinned metrics, enhanced editing tools, and upcoming background removal. These features make it easier to organize, edit, and find your photos.

Productivity and Organization

Calendar and reminders now sync seamlessly, with a new UI and list views in the calendar. The reminders app also includes a recently deleted folder, ensuring you never lose important tasks. The notes application now includes audio note transcriptions, new highlight text colors, and collapsible headers, making it easier to organize and find your notes.

The calculator app gets a new UI with a backspace button, conversion tools, a scientific calculator, and a math notes feature for solving equations and graphing.

Gaming and Payments

Game mode optimizes performance and reduces latency, providing a smoother gaming experience. The wallet application introduces a tap-to-cash feature for easy payments and a new UI for tickets and rewards.

System-Wide Enhancements

The settings app has a reorganized layout for easier access, a new battery charging limit slider, and enhanced privacy and security settings. The maps application now includes popular hikes, topographic maps, and a plan a hike feature, making it easier to explore the outdoors.

The health application allows you to rearrange pinned metrics and includes an emergency SOS live video feature. The fitness application gets a new look and a customizable summary view, helping you track your fitness goals more effectively. The journal application introduces new stats, search functionality, and state-of-mind logging, making it easier to track your thoughts and progress.

The weather application now includes updated feels like temperature and wind sections, as well as home and work weather locations. The action button now includes new settings for controls and music recognition, providing more ways to interact with your device. The shortcuts application gets an updated UI for actions, making it easier to automate tasks.

CarPlay now includes contact photos in iMessage notifications, enhancing your in-car messaging experience. Upcoming AI and Siri enhancements promise to make your device smarter and more intuitive, although these features are not yet available.

iOS 18 is a comprehensive update that aims to improve functionality, customization, and accessibility across the iOS ecosystem. With over 120 new features and enhancements, this update is set to transform the way you interact with your device, making it more personal, efficient, and enjoyable than ever before.

Source & Image Credit: Brandon Butch

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