Morocco’s Popular Garden Gets a Sustainability Makeover –

March 16, 2024 | by

A botanical garden in the Moroccan city of Marrakech has been feeling the effects of climate change as temperatures rise and rainfall patterns shift. In response to the issue, the caretakers of Jardin Majorelle have implemented various solutions to mitigate the impact. One of those adaptations involved reducing water-intensive features. Gardeners began decreasing the number of bamboo plants and removing flowers and roses, which consume substantial amounts of water. They also prioritized drought-resistant flora to ensure sustainable water usage. Since 2019, mulching has also become a fundamental practice at Jardin Majorelle. Gardeners use “all that falls from trees—branches, leaves, anything cut by the gardening team—to crush it at a composting station in the garden itself and to apply what is known as mulch at the base of certain plants,” explained Alexis Sornin, the director of the Yves Saint-Laurent Museum at the Garden.



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