nendo Designs Exclusive Cover for DSCENE Magazine #020

May 28, 2024 | by

For the design issue themed “Line, Form, Space,” DSCENE Magazine proudly presents an exclusive cover designed by the renowned design studio nendo. Under the visionary leadership of founder Oki Sato, nendo has masterfully captured the essence of design’s future. Reflecting on the cover, Oki Sato shares:

“For the theme “Line, Form, Space,” we used the ‘single line sketch,’ which is the first step in the design process and plays the most important role, to express the fundamental value elements that compose design: form, function, space, surprise, and innovation. I feel that the future of design will be shaped by these multiple images that connect, branch out and develop in our imagination. I would be happy if I could share these images with readers.”


nendo, founded by Oki Sato, has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity and functionality, blending Japanese minimalism with a global perspective. Their work spans architecture, interior design, furniture, and product design, creating a seamless integration of form and function. Each project reflects a philosophy of subtraction, where simplicity and elegance reveal deeper narratives and emotional connections.

In an exclusive interview with DSCENE’s editor Katarina Doric, Oki Sato shares the philosophy and journey of nendo. He recalls the transformative trip to the Salone del Mobile in 2002, which sparked the creation of nendo. “At the Salone, I saw architects designing teacups and industrial designers designing spaces. As someone who had studied architecture at university, this borderless and free design activity was a shock to me. I wanted to design freely without being bound by genre.”

This ethos of flexible and genre-defying design is a hallmark of Nendo’s approach. “Rather than repeating a methodology just because it worked once, nendo was very conscious of being flexible and doing new processes, concepts, and stories each time,” Oki Sato explains.

For Nendo, the future of design is about more than aesthetics. It’s about creating emotional connections and new experiences. As Oki Sato concludes, “Functionality is certainly essential to a design. Still, just like ‘fun’ is a part of the word ‘function,’ I think that including emotional elements such as a sense of familiarity or joy is also a requirement for good design.”

Explore the visionary world of Nendo and discover how they are shaping the future of design in DSCENE Magazine’s Design Issue “Line, Form, Space.”

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