New Dinosaur Attraction Opens at the Cleveland Zoo –

May 12, 2024 | by

The Dino Cove experience near the Zoo’s Waterfowl Lake allows guests to get close to the largest animals to ever walk the earth.

Explore a collection of more than 25 animatronic dinosaurs, hands-on experiences including a fossil dig pit and dynamic photo opportunities. Stand alongside a 65-foot-long Brachiosaurus and 40-foot-long Tyrannosaurus Rex and much more. Guests can learn about dinosaur species across the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, including their diet and other dino facts.

Dino Cove opened May 8. Admission to Dino Cove is $3 for members, $4 for non-members per experience. General zoo admission is also required.

In addition to Dino Cove, the zoo has also added trumpeter wan paddle boats to Waterfowl Lake. For the first time ever, guests can paddle through picturesque lake in the heart of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. More details and an official opening date will be announced soon.


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