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Active Aerodynamics is a pretty spectacular bit of engineering. Most recently applied to the Ford Mustang GTD, technology actively adapts flaps and other aspects of a car’s aerodynamics to ensure the driver and vehicle can obtain the most optimal performance no matter the situation. Now, Dodge might be planning on adding active aero components to the new Dodge Charger’s R-Wing. 

Dodge Charger Active R-Wing Patent: Details

According to a recent patent filing to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) discovered by CarScoops, Dodge has begun revising the already spectacular R-wing. The patent depicts the iconic wing with adjustable flaps that work similarly to the active aerodynamic flaps found on the Pagani Huayra. Where the flaps can operate independently of one another or as a single unit, it appears the inner workings needed to get the active aero to work properly will be housed within the central beam of the R-wing.

Dodge Charger Active R-Wing Patent

In the filing, Dodge states that the flap in its normal position is “configured to provide drag and front lift reduction,” while actuators would be used to “adjust the angle” to improve upon this performance. Dodge also states that operating two flaps independently could help with some high-speed driving maneuvers. Dodge goes on to point out that the active aero would be capable of adjustments based on driving mode, ambient temperature, and vehicle speed. Furthermore, drivers can manually adjust the wing’s angle from inside the vehicle, though we’re not quite sure why anyone would want to do this unless the actuator motors broke. 

As with all other patents discovered in the past, there’s no guarantee that they will be put into production; it’s simply a method of protecting a company’s ideas. That said, considering that the R-wing is unique to the Dodge Charger, it’s entirely possible this could become a thing in the future, though how far into the future will remain a mystery. It’s a cool concept nonetheless and makes an already great aerodynamic addition to the car even better. 

Dodge Charger Active R-Wing Patent


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