New study reveals the most sustainable states in the U.S.

May 9, 2024 | by

A recent study conducted by IT Asset Management Group has shed light on the most environmentally sustainable states in the U.S.,. The study assessed five key sustainability metrics: Eco-Friendly Vehicles, Emissions, Recycling, Energy and Waste. California secured the top position with an impressive overall score of 68.27 out of 100, excelling particularly in eco-friendly vehicle adoption and energy consumption per capita.

Following California, Vermont claimed the second spot with its outstanding performance in energy efficiency, despite needing improvement in landfill waste management. Maine secured the third position, showcasing a robust recycling program and low energy consumption. Oregon and New Hampshire rounded out the top five, demonstrating strong commitment to recycling and emissions reduction, respectively.

Meanwhile, North Dakota was deemed the least environmentally conscious state, with dismal scores in emissions and recycling. Alaska followed closely, with particularly poor performance in energy efficiency and recycling rates. Louisiana, West Virginia and Mississippi also ranked low, indicating significant room for improvement across emissions, recycling and energy sectors.

Each state’s sustainability ranking reflects its efforts and progress in adopting eco-friendly practices and addressing environmental challenges. While some states have excelled in specific areas like emissions reduction or recycling, others lag behind, highlighting the need for targeted interventions and policies to promote sustainable development nationwide.


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