New study uncovers American EV owners’ favorite home-charging solution: ‘We are loving our new car’

April 17, 2024 | by

A new study revealed that electric vehicle drivers in the U.S. prefer Tesla’s at-home wall-mounted chargers compared to all other charging options.

J.D. Power and PlugShare conducted a customer satisfaction study for EV owners, examining Level 1 portable chargers, Level 2 portable chargers, and Level 2 wall-mounted home chargers, according to Electrek.

Tesla’s model in the final category scored a whopping 790 on a 1,000-point scale, making it the victor for the fourth straight year. Emporia came in second with 764, while GRIZZL-E came in third with 761.

Wall-mounted chargers are far preferred to the other categories of chargers, as overall Level 1 portable chargers only had a satisfaction score of 581 out of 1,000 (though that does mark a 20-point improvement from last year). Level 2 portable chargers had a satisfaction rate of 735, while wall-mounted Level 2 chargers had an overall score of 744.

Additionally, the study revealed that 84% of all EV drivers who charge at home use either Level 2 portable or Level 2 wall-mounted chargers, which means Level 1 portable chargers are far less popular than the Level 2 options.

Electrek wrote, “that’s not really a huge surprise,” given Level 1 charging speeds.

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These high rates of customer satisfaction speak to how EV producers like Tesla and Rivian are helping keep EV drivers happy.

That, in turn, helps make EVs more popular and also has a substantial environmental impact. While gas-guzzling vehicles release around 10,000 pounds of planet-warming carbon pollution from their tailpipes every year, EVs release nothing — and need less maintenance.

Tesla, in particular, is making strides in other areas. The company is expanding its operations, has enabled certain drivers to charge their EVs with solar energy, and is further improving the efficiency of its production process.

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Some commenters discussed their satisfaction with their EVs in the comments section of the Electrek article.

“Coming up on eight weeks enjoying our new Tesla Model Y Long Range car.  I hear all sorts of complaints expressed by people who don’t own an EV. Much of it is either misinformation or not at all the ‘whole story.’ … We are loving our new car and have no regrets making the purchase,” one person wrote.

“I’ve been working off a standard120v outlet for 4 years now. I’m shocked I haven’t needed to install a 240v in the garage. The 120v is able to support my monthly average of 1,200 miles,” another user commented.

“This is one of the main things I always bring up when I’m talking to somebody about EVs. You can’t realize how nice it is not to have to go to a gas station anymore,” a third user noted.

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