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3 Reasons Your Startup Needs an Office Space

The relationship between office space and startups is an interesting and incredibly important one to navigate. While some believe that the need for an office is dwindling – particularly due to the surge in remote work following the COVID-19 crisis – you’ll likely find the opposite to be true. In fact, office spaces are an excellent asset that businesses should absolutely take advantage of if they have the resources to do so. Let’s take a look at three main reasons why your startup definitely needs a startup office space. 

startup office space

1.             Attracting and Retaining Talent

An office space plays a key role in attracting and retaining professional talent. Firstly, consider where your talent lives – both your current employees and potential workers you may recruit in the future. Depending on where your talent is located, you can open your startup office space nearby. This will mean a shorter commute for your staff, which is an undeniably attractive trait people look for in a workplace.

Secondly, your office space is a representation of your company’s stature. By taking a stroll through your office space, someone can get a sense of your business’ financial standing, its culture, its values. If your startup is without an office space, however, it’s difficult for your talent to get this picture.

2.             Networking

By having an office space, you’re creating an environment in which you and your staff can network with one another. While networking while working remotely isn’t impossible, it’s not quite the same as that face-to-face connection you can get when you share a startup office space with someone. With more networking will come professional growth, new opportunities you may not have discovered on your own, and additional insight into different fields. 

3.             Accountability

When working remotely, it can be extremely difficult to hold employees to a high level of accountability. You may have noticed it in your own startup in various ways. Slow email replies, unanswered calls, late attendance to Zoom meetings – the list goes on.

However, when you have an office space and set working hours for your staff, you create a sense of structure and accountability for them. After all, it’s much harder to slack off or avoid your work tasks when you’re in your designated workspace.

Choosing the right office space for your startup can be tricky – so don’t do it alone. Consider enlisting the help of a professional brokerage company such as Jeff Tabor Group (especially if you’re office hunting in the Orange County region). These experts can help you with everything from understanding your tenant rights in Orange County to negotiating leases in San Diego.

While there are several reasons your startup should absolutely have an office space, these are just three of them to get you started. When it comes to the rewards you’ll reap with the right startup office space, attracting and keeping your most talented staff, encouraging networking activities, and fostering accountability are just the beginning. With that in mind, why wait? Start your hunt for the perfect office today.

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