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After foodies salivate, a mouthwatering pesto baked camembert dish goes viral.

After foodies salivate, a mouthwatering pesto baked camembert dish goes viral.

TikTok viewers have fallen enamored with a new pesto baked camembert meal that has racked up millions of views thanks to its cheesy taste and very easy approach.

Many people are cheese-obsessed.

Lactose lovers have a plethora of alternatives, ranging from feta to mozzarella.

So, kudos to this one foodie for coming up with a novel dish that has millions of cheese lovers salivating.

@goodfoodvibes, a TikTok user with 290,000 followers, frequently posts belly-rumbling foods.

They’ve created a pesto, bread, and camembert dream in their most recent post.

Some foodies may refer to this trio as a holy trinity!

And, thankfully, they’ve demonstrated how to make the dish that’s gone viral.

In the title of the video, they called the bread “pesto baked camembert.”

The foodie starts by placing a piece of camembert on a circle of rolled out dough.

The original poster claimed that they bought ready-made puff pastry to speed up the procedure because it is “much faster to prepare it.”

Following that, the eater applies green pesto all over the pastry, avoiding the camembert in the center.

The budding chef then added grated cheddar cheese on top of the pesto layer.

They then layered another piece of puff pastry on top of the camembert and pesto delight.

The foodie seals the edges of the soon-to-be cheesy pesto treat with a fork.

After that, they slice around the camembert and twist the newly cut pieces while brushing the bread with egg whites before baking it.

Finally, the pastry is cut off at the top after baking to reveal the gooey camembert, which makes a delicious dipping sauce for the pesto pastry bites.

The video has collected up 5.3 million views and 228,000 likes after piqueing the interest of numerous taste buds.

People were so taken aback by the dish that they rushed to the comments section to praise the foodie for sharing the cheesy creation’s secret recipe.

“Jesus, it looks good,” one individual said.

“Just cooked it for ladies night,” another user added. It’s fantastic. “Gone in a flash.” Do you want to receive all of the latest Lifestyle news in your inbox? Subscribe to the Brinkwire Hot Topics email for free. “I just ate and this got me hungry again,” a third person added. “It’s dangerous for me to watch this – I’ll be eating nothing but this for the next month,” someone else said. In the meantime, a fifth user commented, “Quite actually the most.” The news is summarized by Brinkwire.

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