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American Airlines Can Now Check You In With Your Face, Instead Of A Passport

Image via American Airlines

American Airlines is piloting a new way for people to check into airports. At Dallas-Forth Worth Airport, flyers can now simply scan their face and use a phone app to go through security. As it stands, the need for physical driver’s licenses and passports might be over.  

Long gone are the lines at the check-in counter with this new technology, and neither would we have to head down to the airports two hours in advance thanks to American Airlines’ Mobile ID

Image via American Airlines

Mobile ID is a new app that, after verifying your identity using past DMV records, lets you simply scan your face when checking in at the airport. 

At security, travelers will present their app, which includes a QR code, and then look into a camera to be verified before being allowed in.

The information is then deleted by TSA but still remains on the user’s device. PreCheck, by Transport Security Administration, and an American Airlines AAdvantage number will be needed before using the scanning process to check in.

Image via American Airlines

Face-scanning has been introduced as a way to streamline the departure process, providing convenience to the customers of the airlines. Say goodbye to fumbling around your bag for your passport and boarding pass!

Other airlines such as Delta Air Lines and JetBlue Airways use a biometric system for allowing passengers on board. Later this year, American Airlines is looking to expand the Mobile ID to airports in Miami, Phoenix, and Washington D.C.

[via AP News and Culture Map Dallas, cover image via American Airlines]