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Apple Releases AirTags Firmware Update

Apple has released the latest firmware update for AirTags without specifying any new features or improvements. 

According to 9to5Mac, Apple released the latest firmware version for AirTags on Thursday as version 1.0.291 with build number 1A291a. Although Apple has not detailed what updates or improvements are in the new firmware, reports suggest the updates might include an Android app that will detect AirTags, other Find My-enabled accessories, and possible additional improvements in anti-stalking features. 

Getty Images/James D. Morgan

Alternatively, the update could simply be a maintenance release to fix minor bugs. However, it’s important to note you won’t be able to manually install the new update. Instead, it should update automatically—something many users have complained about and hope a future firmware update addresses. 

This is the first firmware update since June, which acknowledged users’ privacy concerns over unwanted tracking. The update included the ability for AirTags to randomly sound their alert within eight to 24 hours, instead of the original three-day timeline. This notifies unknowing AirTag carriers of the device much sooner and hopefully will better discourage their misuse.

Apple has been working on and updating AirTags since they were initially launched in April. However, shortly after their release, consumers started to have security and privacy concerns over possible unwanted tracking.

While Apple has several built-in safeguards to stop people from tracking others with AirTags, the device could make tracking people too easy. Experts say the size of Apple’s Find My network amplifies these issues, which could turn electronic stalking from a curiosity exploited only by those who are tech-savvy into a simple device that virtually anyone can use.

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