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Cafe shames mother and toddler for making a’mess,’ but not everyone agrees.

Cafe shames mother and toddler for making a “mess,” but not everyone agrees.

A CAFE that “publicly shamed” a mother and her toddler for making a mess has sparked an outcry.

Corby’s Tea Rooms in Ramsgate, Kent, took to social media to express their dissatisfaction, claiming the woman and her 11-month-old toddler did not clean up or apologize.

Food was strewn across the floor next to a high chair in photos of the table where she had been sitting.

“While we welcome moms and toddlers, we don’t welcome a mess left like this with no attempt to clean up or offer of apology, and then when challenged to say weakly, ‘I left a tip last time,’” the post reads.

The woman’s sister, however, was outraged by the cafe’s actions after seeing the post on Facebook.

“Absolutely disgusting behavior from a so-called business,” she wrote alongside a screenshot of the original post.

“As if young mothers don’t have enough to deal with without your pitiful attempt to publicly shame them not only online but also in your tearoom.

“They didn’t appear to have a problem until after they’d paid and tipped you.”

“Perhaps by deleting your post, you’re admitting that getting a dustpan and brush isn’t such a difficult task.”

“But don’t worry, even though you told my sister and her 11-month-old baby that they’d never be allowed back into your tearoom, I doubt they’d want to after such a disgusting display of unprofessional behavior.”

Her rant sparked a raging debate, garnering over 600 responses from people on both sides.

“It would have taken the mum 30 seconds to pick that up,” one person said.

Isn’t that a bit rude of the staff?”

“That’s a shambles,” someone else said.

“Do you think you’d leave a friend’s house like that?”

“That mess genuinely isn’t bad for a young child eating?” others defended the mother, saying, “I’m astounded they’d publicly shame like this.”

“It must be inconvenient, but it’s a necessary part of catering for small children.”

“I used to work in a cafe,” one person added.

They’ve always had messes like this, but what do you expect?

As if young mothers don’t have enough on their plates without your pathetic attempt to publicly shame them not only online but also in your tearoom.

“Next thing you know, they’ll be whining about how no one washed their dishes.”

What a joking matter.”

Corby’s Tea Room owner Paul Crush apologized, but claimed the post “twisted” what happened and contained “outlandish comments and untruths.”

“The ladies – and let’s be clear, regardless of who left such a mess, I would have posted a similar message regardless of who left such a mess, and contrary to what is being said, this was not aimed at just young mums,” Mr Crush said.

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