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Case-Mate launches rugged Pelican Protector AirTag Stick-On Mount in a variety of colors

Whenever Apple launches a new product, loads of third-party accessories tend to follow. This has certainly been the case with AirTags, with new offerings constantly popping up left and right. The most recent to come across our radar happens to be the Case-Mate Pelican Protector AirTag Stick-On Mount. This is not Case-Mate’s first attempt at making an AirTag sticker, with an earlier release having launched back in June. As the Protector name implies, this time around, Case-Mate has delivered a much more heavy-duty solution. Continue reading to learn more.

Case-Mate launches Pelican Protector AirTag Stick-On Mount that’s ready to endure ‘the most rugged conditions’

One of the trickiest parts of using AirTags and other tracking devices is how to make attachment an easy endeavor. Tile and others often include a hole for fastening to a keyring or something similar, but AirTags do not. This strong-arms customers into buying some sort of accessory with each AirTag, a move that can cost just as much (or more) than the tracker itself.

Thankfully Case-Mate products tend to clock a more reasonable price point and sometimes are more innovative than competing solutions. This certainly rings true with Pelican Protector, as it surrounds an AirTag with a “heavy-duty outer shell” that’s ready to withstand “the most rugged conditions.” Each case simplifies attachment by opting for an adhesive strip that should work on “any hard surface.”

Pelican Protector

Pricing and availability

When purchased individually, each new Case-Mate Pelican Protector AirTag Stick-On Mount sells for $19.99. Like AirTags, Case-Mate offers a discounted pack of four that gets you in for roughly $15 apiece. Even better, the Amazon listing currently offers four at $39.99, bringing the cost for individual stickers down to $10. It’s unclear if this is a mistake, launch promotion, or will remain a permanent offer. There are four colors to pick from: Black, Grey, Lime Green, and Orange.

Pelican Protector

9to5Toys’ Take

While I have yet to personally find a need for AirTags, the new Case-Mate Pelican Protector AirTag Stick-On Mount has to be the most compelling case solution I have seen to date. This is thanks to its ability to sleekly slap it onto a wide variety of surfaces while also boasting a heavy-duty outer shell that seems like it would be difficult to break. Individual pricing is too high for my taste, but snatching up a pack of four will balance things out a bit better, especially if Amazon’s multi-pack listing sticks remain at $40.

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