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Disk Space Analyzer WizTree 4.00 has been released

A new version of the disk space analyzer WizTree has been released for Microsoft’s Windows operating system. WizTree is a very fast program that displays the space distribution on local hard drives. If you wonder where all the free space went on a hard drive or partition, it is WizTree that can point you in the right direction in a matter of seconds.

WizTree 4.00 is available as a portable version and installer. Just run the program after you have installed it or extracted it to the local system. The interface has not changed but new functionality has been added in the major release.

wiztree 4.00

Previous versions of WizTree supported single-drive or partition scans only. The release of WizTree 4.00 changes that, as it is now possible to scan multiple drives at once. Just select the down arrow that is used to select the drive that you want to scan, and pick select multiple from the menu.

A new window opens that lists all available drive letters and selection boxes. Select all the drives that you want WizTree to scan, and ok afterwards. You may also add folders to the listing. All selected drives and folders are scanned right after ok is selected.

Each drive and folder is displayed in the interface afterwards, and you may dive into each separately using a single instance of the application.

The built-in file search uses the same logic and filters as WizFile, a fast file search tool for Windows by the same developer. The changelog lists all new commands, here are a few options to visualize the capabilities better:

  • Use quotes to force a filename search.
  • Use the operators =, > or < to find files by size, e.g. >=500m lists all files that are larger than 500MB
  • Use same operators to filter by date, e.g. <2020/01/01 displays files modified before January 1, 2020.

The operators can be combined, for instance to find files larger than 1 Gigabyte that were modified in the past 60 days.

Text that matches the search term is now highlighted in the results to visualize it better. Last but not least, file search speed was improved in the new version.

The licensing has changed in the new version. The project was moved to a different website, instead of, and commercial users have to purchase licenses based on the user size. The free version is still free to use for home users.

Closing Words

WizTree is an excellent program when it comes to finding large files on devices running Windows. It returns results fast and the folder hierarchy that it uses means that large files can be spotted quickly. The new filtering options improve results further.

Now You: what do you use to find large files?

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