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Dr Robert Gabbay on Eliminating “Old-Fashioned” Finger Stick Rule

Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD, chief scientific and medical officer at the American Diabetes Association (ADA), talks about the “old-fashioned” finger stick requirement for continuous glucose monitoring.


Can you discuss ADA’s advocacy efforts on behalf of patients to eliminate the finger stick requirement for continuous glucose monitoring and the response you are getting from patients?

We’re so pleased that the American Diabetes Association has been able to lead the way in reducing the barriers to access to continuous glucose monitors (CGM). One of the recent wins has been eliminating the, I would say frankly, old-fashioned rule that one had to document 4-times-a-day testing by finger stick before someone will be eligible for a continuous glucose monitor. What we already know from our own patients is that, many times, CGM is the helpful tool because they’re not checking their blood glucose is as often as they could. I could tell you in my practice, where I continue to see patients at the Joslin Diabetes Center, this has just really opened the door to more individuals having access to this technology that is clearly beneficial for people with diabetes.

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