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Entertainment Boost Not Working!

Hi! We’ve had the entertainment boost forever, mainly for Nat Geo Wild to run at the back in our shop. Everything was going smoothly a month ago, then 3 weeks ago all the channels disappeared with the error code ICP6017 on the screen. After long hours on the phone with Talk Talk customer service, we finally got some channels back but not the ones we pay for in the Entertainment Boost package. They have told us to give them a password which they promised to send us 2 weeks ago, and then told us that we should have Now Tv membership in order to watch it. How did we watch it with no problem up until a month ago and we can’t now? Why fix something that isn’t broken or why break something that works? The customer care is rarely helpful, I was able to get the channels back after the 5th call. Honestly thinking about changing internet suppliers, Talk Talk makes everything harder for their clients.

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