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Farewell to Seibel’s Retaurant & Uptown Pub

Seibel’s Restaurant & Uptown Pub is closing its doors for good at the end of November. Although we understand that sometimes it’s necessary and best to move on to other things, this news is making waves in the community! For our brokerage it is especially sad since we go wayyyyy back. 

Seibel’s was founded in 1939, Thompson Company followed just a few years later in 1946. Both companies are so deeply rooted in the Spencerville/Burtonsville community that they’ve become institutions. Both have been family-owned and operated since the beginning and – just so you know – Thompson Company is going strong with no plans to quit anytime soon. 

8 decades is a lot of (shared) history. There’s no doubt that Burtonsville is losing a huge part of its identity, its gem at the intersection of Rt. 29 and 198. So we decided to make November “Farewell to Seibel’s” month – from one local legacy to another. Let’s see them off properly. Let’s show them all the love. Let’s make this good-bye an epic one! 

Cherie, 3rd generation broker, Chelsey, our Assistant Director of Marketing, and I (Andrea, the top producer, just for the sake of titles) will be representing Thompson Company and be frequent visitors (not that this is a new thing 😉 over the next 3+ weeks. Join us for Happy Hour, grab one of Seibel’s infamous burgers on Wednesday’s 1/2 priced Burger Night, or stop by to have breakfast one more time. Your last chance will be November 28th. Seibel’s will close its doors for good at 1:45 PM that day. 

Here’s the line-up for the final month:

Seibel's Restaurant and Uptown Pub closing November 2021

You can also pen a few words on Seibel’s Facebook wall, and connect with us at Thompson Company, too, if you aren’t a fan already that is. 

November is Farewell to Seibel’s month! Please join us in showing this local family business all the love and giving them the proper good-bye – a month-long party! 

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