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Ferrero introduces recyclable box for Ferrero Rocher range

Italian brand Ferrero has moved another step towards sustainability with the launch of its new eco-designed box for the Ferrero Rocher range.

After trialling 29 different plastics and working with leading materials expert Milliken, the new packaging is sourced from polypropylene (PP), which is easy to recycle and can help reduce the use of plastic as well as its impact on the climate.

Packaging for a box of 16 pieces will have 40-per-cent less plastic content, while the 30-piece box contains 38 per cent less. Both are said to have at least 30 per cent lower carbon footprint, reaching 70 per cent less when recycled, compared to the previous box.

“The Ferrero Rocher eco-designed box is a clear example of our dedication to enhancing packaging circularity,” said Fabio Mora, global packaging director of The Ferrero Group. “We worked in close partnership with Milliken which brought its innovative and critical thinking to help reduce the environmental impact through the use of a new polypropylene material for the Ferrero Rocher box.”

According to the company, Ferrero Rocher can save approximately 2000 tonnes of plastics in the first year from the introduction this month. Once the innovation extends across the whole range of Ferrero Rocher, the full impact of the extension can reduce up to approximately 10,000 tons less plastic used.

The new eco-designed box is part of Ferrero’s commitment to making 100 per cent of its packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

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