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For Nick Luevano, Hard Work Leads To Success

Millennials are known as an innovative generation. With a hunger for information and an unmatched ambition, they are challenging the status quo in unconventional ways. Nick Luevano is no exception. As a Hispanic, self-made entrepreneur, he has not only carved out his own path, but catapulted a Millennial Movement for others to capitalize on.

Nick followed the current of life until it led him to his true calling—real estate investor. Coming from the world of finance and network marketing, he saw endless possibilities in real estate, so Nick left everything he knew to take the path of most resistance. But through his relentless hard work, he made $90,000 in his first month, and has closed over 500 transactions in 5 years. Nick has since taken his real estate profits and invested them into multiple companies.

As a co-founder of Millennial Flippers Coaching, his branding and consulting company, Nick has had the privilege of coaching hundreds of real estate entrepreneurs from beginner to expert. He not only teaches them how to scale and systemize their operation, but branding and sales coaching, as well. “My work is passion and results driven. I am passionate about getting my clients the results they seek, while breaking through their own barriers to achieve their highest potential,” says Nick Luevano.

The road Nick took to get to where he is today required sacrifice, long nights, and investing in himself. Over the last eight years, he has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on mentoring, training, and personal development. “Finding a mentor is one of the things I didn’t do right away that I wish I would’ve. It would’ve saved me time, energy, effort and money. Work hard, find a mentor, never give up, anything is possible,” says Nick Luevano.

Now that Nick has gained financial freedom, he wants to give back. He has plans to develop low income housing in Los Angeles and build schools for underprivileged minorities.

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