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Good Governance: A ‘digital-first’ director & officer questionnaire process

There’s no denying that board members are vital to any credit union. A robust and effective board of directors is key to a credit union’s success, ensuring it is consistently making strides toward achieving its mission and reaching its key objectives.

Unfortunately, credit union boards often get bogged down by outdated, inefficient, and lengthy processes and procedures. Board books and other materials are compiled by hand—often at the last minute as a way to keep them from becoming dated by the time of the meeting. Sensitive documents are distributed via email, which sometimes causes board members to question whether they are referencing the latest version. Moreover, many times essential processes like the annual collection of director and officer questionnaires remain paper-based.

Such antiquated, chunky paper-based processes slow progress and stand in the way of a board reaching its full potential. Additionally, paper-based procedures invite risk, as printouts—especially those sent in the mail–could easily get into the wrong hands.

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