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Hotel bars subject to midnight curfew, department confirms as nightclubs open early

The Department of Tourism, Culture and the Arts has confirmed the midnight curfew for licensed premises, which comes into effect tonight, will extend to hotel and residents’ bars.

As part of enhanced Covid measures announced by the Government on Tuesday, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs will have to close by 12am, with all customers vacating the premises by that time.

It had been reported that the curfew would not apply to hotel bars serving guests, however, responding to a query from, the department confirmed: “The clear policy intention is that all bars will close at midnight and that any and all activities associated with the bar would also cease.”

The change will mean events, such as wedding, will be impacted by the earlier closing time.

In response to the new measures, a number of nightclubs have decided to welcome customers earlier than usual.


Dublin nightclubs Copper Face Jacks and Tramline are among those opening early to allow for the midnight closing time.


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Tramline owner, Ian Redmond said the changes make little sense and businesses are doing their best to stay operational.

“We are confused as to what difference timings make – why closing at 12 is any different to closing at 3.

“It’s pretty obvious to us that these measures are designed to actually just close us. We would have rathered if they would just have said: ‘Look, we’re closing nightclubs’.

“We’ve to just do our best to keep our businesses running,” Mr Redmond said.

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