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How many eggs can you eat in 1 week for the health of the organism

How many eggs can you eat in 1 week for the health of the organism

Food experts say that a man can consume without fear two eggs a day. Eggs should always be accompanied by herbs, yogurt, avocados and whole grain bread. If you serve it with bacon and lots of cheese slices, then you will be filled with unnecessary calories and fats.

Egg White Or Egg Yellow?
Many consumers eat only egg white in an effort not to consume too many calories. However, experts say that egg yolk has many necessary nutrients. They are not found in its white, so the egg should be consumed whole. The data confirm that fat-soluble vitamins are found precisely in egg yolk. So if you remove the egg yolks you may not get many calories but neither their nutritional values.

The Right Amount of Eggs
The data say that the right and healthy amount of eggs is all depending on the diet that a person follows throughout life. A single egg contains 80 calories, 5 grams of fat and 6 grams of protein. If you are getting enough protein and fats from other foods, eating a 5 egg omelet every day is definitely a bad idea. But if you do not know how much protein you will eat during the day, or if you will get protein then eat eggs as desired. Later in the day you can make the right adjustments in the amount of fat and protein.

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