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Issues new service system

At the moment, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is experiencing implementation issues with its new system landscape.

VU Amsterdam regrets that employees, students and suppliers are inconvenienced by the problems. A special crisis team has been set up and work hard to resolve the problems. Up until then, temporary solutions for urgent issues such as the payment of invoices will be implemented where possible. 

In July of this year, VU Amsterdam switched to a new service system. The switch to a new system was needed, as the old system dating back to 1995 was outdated and not future-proof. During the start-up period, serious problems arose in the areas of user-friendliness, authorisation and facility management. A special crisis team has been working since then to investigate all problems and to provide (sometimes temporary) solutions. Students and staff receive regular updates on progress.

An exact end date for solving all problems cannot yet be given. However, solutions are continuously being worked on and have the highest priority. 

The Executive Board

For more information, please contact Media Relations: Frauke van Goethem, t +31 6 38684155,

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