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LoginRadius Launches Re-Authentication Feature for Enhanced Security

Leading CIAM solution provider introduces a re-authentication feature that reinforces the security and helps maintain client trust

LoginRadius, a leading provider of consumer identity and access management (CIAM) solution announced that their platform now offers re-authentication capabilities that improve overall data security and privacy and helps build consumer trust.

The latest feature in the CIAM solution helps ensure consumers need to re-authenticate in certain instances even after they have successfully performed the login.

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The feature is helpful in scenarios when consumers need access to certain resources or are performing any transaction, which requires re-authentication for security purposes.

Consumers need to go through the extra line of defense to prove their identity, which helps to secure sensitive data and minimize unauthorized access.
“Businesses today are strictly in need of a robust authentication system that shuns any chance of unauthorized access , especially the one handling heaps of consumer identities. Re-authentication allows enterprises to add another stringent layer of authentication to their overall data security mechanism” says Deepak Gupta, CTO of LoginRadius.

“We’re extremely happy that we’re one of the most secure CIAM solution providers and are continuously innovating the ways of delivering high security and rich user experience both in harmony”, he adds.

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The re-authentication feature by LoginRadius ensures consumers are authenticated again before they attempt to access secure resources on your application or perform any transaction based on certain business use-cases that vary from one business to another.

Here are some benefits of the feature:

Assists in fighting everyday security and cyber challenges.
Prevents session hijacking when a consumer leaves the device logged in.
Helps businesses maintain trust with their consumers.
Strengthens the security of critical information and events.

Businesses can leverage LoginRadius’ re-authentication feature based on their business needs to securely re-authenticate consumers without hampering the user experience.

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