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Nest Hub (2nd Gen) Updated With Advanced Sleep Tracking & More

Google is updating its second-gen Nest Hub with new and improved sleep tracking features. The company is introducing sleep stages, a metric found in most smartwatches and health and fitness trackers. This feature provides insights into your sleep patterns and behaviors, including awake periods and light, deep, and REM (rapid eye movement) periods of sleep.

According to Google’s blog post, the Nest Hub will show this information in hours and percentages. These details will appear on the Duration screen, which already shows the information on total time asleep and time to fall asleep. Likewise, the Quality screen will show a hypnogram chart of your sleep stages data.

All this information “will tell you how long you were in each stage of sleep,” Google notes. “Combining your sleep information with disturbance events can help you better understand what’s happening while you’re sleeping.”


Google also revealed that the Sleep Sensing feature will remain free to all Nest Hub users only through 2022. Starting 2023, it will come as part of Fitbit Premium, which currently costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 yearly.

Google nest hub sleep stagesGoogle nest hub sleep stages

Second-gen Nest Hub also gets improved sound detection

Google is also updating the Nest Hub’s sound detection feature. If you share your room with other people or pets, you will now be able to calibrate your designated sleeping area. The device will only show sounds, including coughs and snores, coming from that area. Any sound originating outside of your calibrated sleeping area will appear on a separate “Other sounds” timeline.


Earlier, the Nest Hub showed all audible disturbances in the room at one place. With the latest update, you will be able to distinguish whether you are making the sound or your partner or pet is. The new “Other sounds” timeline will also show loud noises that may come from outside.

Lastly, Google announced that Assitant-powered Nest displays will give you access to the leading “sleep, meditation, and relaxation” app Calm in December. You can say “Hey Google, show me meditations from Calm” or “Hey Google, start a meditation” to get started.

If you are a Calm Premium subscriber, which is currently $49.99 per year or $399.99 for a lifetime, you will get access to the full library on your Nest Hub. Free users will also have access to several tracks and Sleep Stories.


The latest update for Google’s second-gen Nest Hub is rolling out to users starting Tuesday. It should reach all eligible units globally over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, you can currently get a free second-gen Nest Hub if you subscribe to the 2TB Google One annual plan.

Google nest hub calm appGoogle nest hub calm app

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