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New report offers farm shop insight

The “machine shop” of old has evolved on the farm. What was once perhaps thought of as a storage space with a workbench in many cases has become a top-notch location to get work done. The machine shed of old has become the farm shop of today. What are some considerations if you’ve decided to pull the trigger on a new farm shop?

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The editors at Farm Progress have created a new FREE report focused on many different aspects of updating that machine shed or building a new farm shop from scratch. Editors of Farm Progress have profiled dozens of farm shop veterans, as well as outside experts, providing in-depth information and photos on a range of issues to consider when building farm shops.

Picking the farm shop site

While some readers may just want to upgrade an existing machine shop and turn it into a better farm shop workspace, others may be taking a clean sheet approach. If you’re in the camp of “starting new” there are some key factors to consider. In this special FREE report, you can get insights on factors to consider when designing that new farm shop.

First is location, and while most farmers have a good idea of where they want that machine shed constructed, there are other factors to consider.

Second, how big should you go? If you look at the machine shed of old, parking some modern equipment under cover today would be a challenge. But what is that balance between big enough and too big? You can learn more in the report.

How about that farm shop storage?

That farm shop is more than a machine shed for storage. You’re supporting bigger equipment on tighter timeframes than ever before. That means having parts, fluids, and support tools on hand. And as today’s changing supply situation shows, keeping more parts on hand may be critical.

This means examining the types of storage you’ll want in that farm shop. How high do you go? What are you storing? How does what you store impact the space you’ll need in the final design? Each of these are explore in greater depth in the FREE report. Farm shop space is becoming valuable real estate for any farm.

Going beyond the machine shed

Sure, today’s farm shop should provide under-cover storage for your equipment investment, that’s a key consideration. But today’s farm shop is serving a lot more purposes than in the past. When designing a new facility, farmers are thinking beyond storage and repair. They’re thinking comfort.

You’re making a big investment in a new facility. What should that farm shop include? In the report, you’ll find examples of ways farmers have turned their attention to the finer details creating something farm beyond the machine shed of old.

>>Download the FREE report: Build the best farm shop<<

What can this space include? What should it include for your farm? From conference rooms, kitchens, laundry facilities and even apartments for visiting family, the farm shop looks a lot different than it did when they were simply machine sheds.

This FREE report will also help guide you through making important product decisions about farm shop security, lighting, electrical needs and building codes.

The report offers a range of ideas to consider, including some farmer-designed innovations for tool storage and workspace design to inspire your own farm shop product.

Selecting the right farm shop features

At the end of the day, that farm shop also must be an efficient workspace. The key function, after all, is to provide support for equipment on the farm. That means knowing what you need for a workspace. How do you size that workbench? What support equipment should be on hand to maximize efficiency?

>>Download the FREE report: Build the best farm shop<<

Whether you’re thinking big tables for workspaces, air supplies, fluid storage, all of it adds up to some significant choices for your farm shop. Those investments matter when deciding what to include and the FREE report offers insight on each of those choices.

The cold working environment of yesterday’s machine shed has given way to the toasty heated shop, but what kind of heat makes the most sense? The report explores the different sources and their value in the final farm shop design.

From heat sources to security systems, from tool storage to the types of doors work best, the report explores those many issues to consider when designing a new farm shop.

Download the FREE report, which can be read on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer using a new tool.

>>Download the FREE report: Build the best farm shop<<

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