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Order and Inventory Management for Foodservice Operators

iTradeNetwork launched OrderMaestro, a new mobile solution that streamlines and automates order and inventory management for foodservice operators.

“We’ve created a best-in-class solution that works for our users and with our users,” says Wills McMahon, senior product manager at iTradeNetwork. “We’ve added features like voice and text search, barcode scanning and offline synchronization to automate as much of the ordering and inventory process as possible.”    “OrderMaestro’s insights will change the way our customers manage their businesses,” says Nathan Romney, chief product officer at iTradeNetwork. “We are thrilled to give our customers the powerful insights they need to optimize their current operations, make smarter business decisions and ultimately increase revenues.”  

From Yahoo!:

  • OrderMaestro is a branded ordering experience that makes it easier for operators to manage all units on a single mobile platform.
  • Users can check inventory with distribution centers prior to ordering a product to confirm availability and order replacement products when needed. 
  • OrderMaestro revolutionizes foodservice procurement with the Universal Shopping Cart. Users can place orders with multiple suppliers using a single shopping cart.  
  • OrderMaestro’s barcode scanning and voice recognition functionality allows users to auto-populate product information right from their mobile devices. 

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