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Plant hour has arrived: Squeaky Bean launches first ATL campaign with And Rising


Squeaky Bean, the nation’s favourite plant-based sidekick, has harnessed the power of creative ventures firm And Rising to launch its first above-the-line campaign to encourage consumers to make their lunchtime meat-free.

Listed in major retailers including Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose, Squeaky Bean’s sales have grown 197% year-on-year. Now the brand has its eyes set on increasing its fanbase beyond its cult and loyal followers by boosting awareness among a wider range of consumers.

With one in five Brits having cut down on their meat and dairy intake during the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of consumers who are looking to make meat alternatives a regular part of their diets has grown, with 54% of respondents to the Vegan Society’s survey saying they had bought meat alternatives during lockdown.

Squeaky Bean is therefore encouraging viewers of its digital campaign to make mealtimes their ‘Plant Hour’. The social media campaign will take two different approaches. The first, running on Instagram and Facebook will be a series of 15 second shorts showcasing Squeaky Bean’s plant-based hero products: Kick of Tikka Chicken Style Pieces, Chargrilled Cajun Mini Fillets and NYC Deli Pastrami Style Slices. Lighting that imitates the passage of the sun creates midday connotations, associating the brand with lunchtime occasions.

On TikTok, the brand will take a different and innovative approach. Well-known influencers Morgan M-James (@morganmjames), The Little London Vegan (@thelittlelondonvegan), Nathan (@neyyfun) and Sun Pi (@itssunpi) will together get their creative juices flowing and each work on an advert to promote Plant Hour, encouraging their audience to ‘get their Squeak on’.

The campaign is part of a wider effort to leverage influencers and reach Squeaky Bean’s target millennial and Gen-Z audience. In September, five influencers will have the opportunity to stay for 21 days in the Squeaky House – a luxury mansion complete with infinity pool, gym, sauna and steam room, plus grounds including a bathing pond, island and organic vegetable garden. The influencers will be challenged to complete plant-based foodie challenges throughout their stay to unlock rewards and new areas of the house, producing social content along the way.

Sarah Augustine, Squeaky Bean co-creator says: “Plant-based food is one of the fastest growing categories in grocery, and Squeaky Bean has stepped in as the brand providing tasty and easy plant-based options. We’re true innovators in the food space, having launched 10 new products this year alone. Now it’s time to bring the brand in front of a wider audience with our first creative advertising campaign, which is just the beginning of our marketing strategy to elevate Squeaky Bean into more and more households nationwide. So, it’s time to let everyone know that the Lunch Hour just got a glow up. Specifically, a plant-based one. We call it The Plant Hour.”

And Rising worked with Squeaky Bean to develop the campaign, which was born out of a realisation that the vegan and vegetarian category was dominated by dinner options which required cooking – such as mince, sausages and burgers. The brand is therefore focusing on lunchtime and snacking as a key opportunity for plant-based eating, with Squeaky Bean offering a wide range of ready to eat products.

The brand is also launching a PR campaign alongside the ATL adverts, with a focus on how people like to spend their lunch breaks, and the food they enjoy eating.

Katie Hind, Senior Strategist at And Rising, says: “Lunchtime has had a plant-based glow up thanks to Squeaky Bean’s ready-to-eat, fridge-to-face products. They’ve quickly gained a cult following of loyal plant-based fans for the likes of their Pastrami slices and Tikka pieces, and now it’s time to let more people discover just how easy and tasty eating less meat can be with Squeaky Bean.  Authentic, ‘native’ content is key, with the rise of TikTok houses and viral food trends, and there’s never been a better time for food brands to scale, fast. As official TikTok partners, And Rising have been working with content creators to launch Squeaky Bean into the mainstream and spread the word that The Plant Hour is here.”

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