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Silversea Cruises campaign

Responses by Andrea Jaccarino and Emanuele Viora, executive creative directors, ACNE.

Background: Silversea Cruises are restarting after the pandemic, so our primary aim with this campaign is to inspire curious travelers to set off and discover the world. After such hard times, we think this is the moment to send a strong message to everyone. The world is reopening, and we have the chance to look at it with a renewed, more open mentality.

Design thinking: We feel like it’s time to start exploring again, so the idea of including some of the world’s most beautiful scenery in our creative felt like the most natural thing to do. The opportunity to work with photographer Steve McCurry made it even more extraordinary and empowered us to create something memorable.

Challenges: Working on a project like this for a brand with such a clear and defined identity is never easy. It had to be done on tiptoe, with care and to get the message across without distorting Silversea’s language. In this sense, we paid particular attention to the handwriting, crafting and art direction to appeal to an audience that has an innate passion for beauty, travel and discovery.

New lessons: We learned that not all travelers only want to discover new places and destinations: the “curious” ones travel because, by doing so, they become better human beings. Experiencing different cultures makes them more tolerant. Seeing new things makes them more respectful. Knowing more stories makes them more interesting. And these are precisely the people we are talking to when we think about companies such as Silversea.

Visual influences: The inspiration came from the idea to transform Steve’s shots into a travel diary. From there, once the idea was set, we got to work to make it happen. The title font was handmade by a calligrapher to resemble notes taken during exploration. In contrast, the photos—accompanied by some pen notes—are placed on pastel backgrounds with a paper-like texture that complements the dominant colors in the shots.

Specific project demands: Silversea’s request to utilize Steve’s photographs made the project easier and even more exciting. His shots immortalize the essence of our message because they are born from his curiosity, his desire to get closer to people and their stories, and his respect.

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